Well written words are worth their weight in gold.

Someone really profound once said that.

Copywriting $75/hour

Unique, engaging copy created for your website specifically. You fill out a briefing form and I'll do the rest.  

Content Writing $75/hour

Blog articles, e-newsletter content and social media posts unique to your brand. You name a subject and I'll write about it.

Caption Writing for Instagram or Facebook $50/five posts

Show me your upcoming posts and I'll whip up some snappy captions to go with them. This works well in combination with an Instagram scheduling tool.

Proofreading $40/hour 

Need an extra pair of eyes to read over your essay, report, bio, blog or article? I'll check for typos, grammar and spelling mistakes, but will leave the rewriting up to you. 

Editing $70/hour 

If your draft needs a little extra lovin' I can check for typos, grammar and spelling, and rewrite and reformat where necessary. I'll also provide feedback and suggestions so you continue in the right direction after I've passed the torch back to you.

Article Writing POA

Please book a call or contact me to find out more.

The 'All Write Now' Package

Too much copy to wrap your head around? Let us take the reins. You'll receive: 

  • 1 x Copy Consultation - this can be up to 30 minutes over the phone or Skype, or up to an hour face-to-face over coffee.

  • 1 x Copy Recommendation - after our chat, we'll give your current website and social media feeds a thorough once over then make a detailed recommendation of the copy we think your brand or business would best benefit from. 

  • 2 x Brand Statements - these can be used as headers anywhere on your website; for advertising purposes; or as a tagline on your brand logo.

  • 1 x Brand Mission Statement - think of this as an elevator pitch for your brand, which can be used anywhere on your website or on advertising collateral. 

  • 1 x Brand Story (250-300 words) - this generally sits on your 'About' page and is an engaging-yet-informative blurb capturing the unique essence of your brand. 

  • 4 - 6 x Service/Product Descriptions (approx. 50 words each)- succinct, descriptive copy that provides information about the goods and/or services that you or your company offer. 

  • 1 x Marketing Blurb (100 words) - this is a snappy paragraph of copy which sums up your brand. This can be used in advertising, on a flyer, in a press release or on your website.

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