So, how does this work?

The finer details.



We talk. 
Use the Contact Form to send me a message with your requirements. From there, we'll tee up a time to have a chat about your brand, your current messaging and how you'd like your story to sound. If the project is highly detailed or more involved, we'll arrange a time to meet with you.


We plan.

After your people have talked to our people, we'll make a recommendation based on what we think your copy requirements are and how much we think this will cost. We'll provide a detailed quote with this information.


We brief. 

Once you've accepted our quote, signed our contract* and paid your 50% deposit*, we'll send you a briefing document to fill out. This helps us to learn more about your brand or business and establish what your 'tone of voice' will be. 

*We'll both sign the contract - this protects both parties. We take a 50% deposit before any work commences and will invoice for the balance after the work is completed. 


We write.

After we've received your brief, we'll get started on the main event: writing your copy. This can take anywhere from one to 40+ hours, depending on the detail and how many words are required. We charge by the hour but can create a bespoke package of services for you depending on your requirements. We'll give you a guaranteed timeline so that you know exactly when to expect your completed copy by.


You review. 

Only once we're 100% happy with your copy will we send it to you for reviewing. You're welcome to two complimentary copy changes if there's something you're not quite happy with. Once you've approved and signed off on your copy, you can send it to your digital team or design expert to upload to your website, blog or e-newsletter template.


Ready to read!

After we've completed your copy, you've signed it off and we've handed the reins over to you and/or your design or digital team, it's time to pay your balance. This is the remaining 50% of whatever we have quoted you. We shake hands and the deal is done! Enjoy your brand spanking new copy. 

Please Note: 

For Proofreading & Editing services, please contact us so we can talk you through the best process for this. It does differ slightly from our copy/content writing process as it is less involved. We look forward to talking with you about how we can help you. 

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